Cheer New York, NYC PRIDE 2016

Cheer New York, NYC PRIDE 2016

Founded by Andrew Jonas, Felipe Hernandez & Lance Gaylord, Cheer New York (Cheer NY), an all-volunteer non-profit adult cheerleading squad, made up of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Straight allies (LGBTS), has been serving the NY-NJ area since 2002 by inspiring hope and encouragement in audiences wherever we perform and raising money for people with challenging conditions and life-threatening illnesses through its Cheer for Life fund.

Cheer NY began as a twelve-member club sport that combined cheers, gymnastics, dance and extreme acrobatic stunts at local events and performances, but in just a short decade, Cheer NY has evolved into something extraordinary: a New York-based philanthropic organization with a worldwide fan base!

We are a charity, sport, social club, and family all in one!

Our Motto
Reaching new heights with love, spirit, strength and understanding.

Our Message
Cheer Loud! Cheer Proud!

Pride Cheerleading Association

Cheer New York is part of the Pride Cheerleading Association (PCA). Formed in 2004, PCA is the natural progression of growth and popularity in the USA, Canada, and Australia of LGBT community-based cheerleading squads which set themselves apart from traditional and all-star cheerleading groups by PCA’s main mission - to do philanthropic work to support adults and children living with HIV and other life-challenging conditions.

PCA also exists as a support network to share best practices and resources for both established and newly-formed LGBT community-based cheerleading squads and serves as an association under which all cheerleading teams can assemble during the international GAY GAMES (Olympic Games-style athletic event) and other unified performances and fundraising events.