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 Example: Arrive = 10am, Perform = 10:45am-12:45pm, Dismissal = 1pm, Total = 3 hrs.
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Each element is ~2 min long and can be COMBINED for a longer “SHOW.” Cheers = Tailored verbal cheers involving your organization/event name. Some acrobatics/stunts can be done with cheers if space/ceiling permits.
Sideline Cheering = To motivate or THANK your athletes/participants. “Sidelines” are usually repeated and are done with pompoms & megaphones. Dances = a short choreographed dance (“hip hop” or “cheer style”) to music.
  Stunts = Acrobatic stunts and gymnastics (depends on event surface and ceiling height). Includes single flips and group tosses. (Regular or Large Team required for Pyramids). 
 Mingling = Cheerleaders can usher or greet guest s, take photos with them, and add excitement, color, and lots of energy to your party/function. 
 Custom Clothing = Cheerleaders can wear your company T-shirts or custom clothing (for additional cost) at your party/function. Other = Cheer NY is open to your ideas! Past fun activities included award ceremonies, pom tunnel when participants enter, fashion shows, television/media events, videos and
Explain the area where the cheerleaders will be preforming (SPACE / HEIGHT/ SURFACE).
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CANCELATION POLICY:  Rescheduling may be possible at the discretion of Cheer NY. However, if you cancel Cheer NY services less than 24 hrs prior to event, full payment is still due (or NO refund will be given, if payment was already made). 

PLEASE NOTE:  Cheerleaders will need a bathroom / place to change and bag check / secure place to store their bags/ equipment during your event. Also, if a new event or new location, Cheer NY may schedule a site visit with you to review logistics. Please discuss options with Events Director.